Batman ★★★★★

I've been on an 80's kick and with Joker in a couple of days, this seemed like the perfect way to bring the mini marathon to a close and get hyped for Joker. The decade has been romanticised by rose tinted nostalgia glasses, but shifting through the stuff that maybe doesn't hold up much any more, it does tend to make the genuine classics stand out all the more. This movie is a fucking masterpiece. It's good to sit down with something out of the 80's that not only holds up, but it feels bloody timeless as well. Keaton and Nicholson are both absolutely brilliant in their roles. Keaton would remain my favourite Batman until Ben Affleck literally became the character.

There's something about the look and feel of a certain era of Gotham City you get in a handful of stories, Batman '89, Killing Joke, Dark Knight Returns, only a few others despite it's reputation it's rare that you see Gotham presented as an ugly bleak metropolis, where it's sad, lonely citizens are never safe, only ever ending up as someone else's cautionary tale. Gotham itself is as big a character in the Batman mythos as anyone else and it's a shame we rarely get to see that come into play. But thankfully it does in Batman, the movie utterly dripping in it, is one of the most atmospheric movies ever made. Watching you can't help but become sucked in to every nook and cranny of Anton Fursts amazing production design.

Tim Burton is in total dark mode here and that's the best Tim Burton. The dude's been wasting years doing Disney remakes and family fare, when his true talents lie in this kind of material. Someone needs to put another horror or DC script in front of him so he can remind the world what made him synonymous with darkness in the first place.

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