Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★½

Even at 7 when I first saw this, I could feel in my bones something was a miss. It wasn't even the complete 180 in the ambience and tone of Tim Burton's gothic operas, which even at 7 I could tell they where aiming back to Adam West era here and I wasn't having it.

Still, best thing about being a grown adult is I don't get a bug up my ass when they don't do what I want with my favourite comic book characters.

So as an old guy, I can sit back and marvel at the bugfuck insanity unfolding in front of me. The production design of neon drenched Gotham actually makes for quite the very amazing visual extravaganza.

This is all heightened of course by Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones eating all of the scenery in what has to be the most hammy performances in comic book film history, I mean Arnold's Mr Freeze was something, but he looked like a Christopher Nolan villain compared to these goons.

If you thought Batman v Superman was a shambles, perhaps you need to refresh yourself with this film, just about every action scene happens completely out of context from the rest of the film. The Riddler's master plan seems to be occuring entirely off screen, with his brain technology all big island lair pooping up out of nowhere. Random bits of cop cars on the other side of town serve as transition shots, most of Riddler's puzzles are put toget with almost Grand Canyon sized leaps in logic. It's almost disorientating.

All of it is anchored by Val Kilmer, the George Lazenby of Batmen, who probably could've had a decent run with the role if he was with one of his collaborators like Shane Black or Tony Scott, but here seems to be helplessly confused by literally everything that's happening, both in the film and I imagine, on the set.

It's truly a spectacle to behond.

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