Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga ★★★

This movie was designed to be watched with your mates. It's perfectly serviceable fodder on it's own, but if you have your mates there to riff on it with you its an even more entertaining time.

With friends what's ostensibly a campy send up of eutotrash stereotypes becomes something more akin to Todd Philips Joker, but on reflection, it's more and more apparent the film has a very deranged subtext going on with incest, schizophrenia and serial killings.

But I digress, I'll leave that for future generations to debate. The movie on it's own accord its a wonderful harkening back to my childhood experiences watching Eurovision contests. It's super kitschy, campy and cringe inducing.

The cast are all great, Ferrell and McAdams are funny as fuck, they really feel like some of the affable nordic people I've met. Dan Stevens is hilarious as a closeted Russian George Michael type and it's beautiful to see Greek representation from Melissanthi Mahut's Mita (Curious if her surname has been condensed or if she has mixed heritage). Last but not least Pierce Brosnan is a lot of fun as the straight man to all this Schumacher (RIP King) Batman level of insane camp.

I've been harping on comedies for being too long a lot lately, but this one doesn't feel like it drags too much despite being over 2 hours. It's got a really enjoyable story and doesn't drag any of it's scenes out too long, keeping a nice brisk pace.

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