Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★½

Ghost in the Shell is a decent remake of the original anime film. As much as you can expect a polished up Hollywood remake to be in any case. Which goes a long way in hampering it, thanks to the PG-13 rating, it goes from being slick and stylish, to incredibly banal once the action starts. Not to mention, every time a lengthy action sequence threatens to break out, it's cut short fairly quickly. I wouldn't have minded if one scene didn't look like we where about to get something akin to the massive shootout from Heat in a Blade Runner location.

Despite the fantastic visuals, clearly influenced by the likes of the Wachowskis, Proyas, Snyder, Blomkamp and Del Toro, it does lack their distinctive sense of flair, feeling like a journeyman pastiche of those people, than someone who genuinely has their own individual style.

But still, hopefully this goes over well enough, bullshit whitewashing controversies aside, to give us more anime and manga adaptations, though they'd do well to leave Akira right the fuck alone. Cowboy Bebop though....

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