My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro ★★★½

Totoro was very charming and whimsical for me as a kid, but old man me is a little less enchanted, suffice to say the magic gets a little lost when your blood type becomes Voltaren. It's super sweet but really really light, I guess you could say it's Miyazaki's ET.

The fact I'm nearing whichever ditch my friends decide to throw me in aside, this movie is an absolute must for every child. An exercise in pure joy, and they'll absolutely be sure to fall in love with Totoro and the cat bus and a wonderful way to introduce them to not only the beautiful world of Ghibli, but the insane world of anime. But then again if they're a shitbag like I was GITS, or Cowboy Bebop will do the trick too.

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