Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★

Spider-Verse is such a brilliant, fresh and unique take on the Spider-Man mythos, it irritates me time and time again finding ourselves with Peter in high school again in every live action reboot when there's so much material that's been totally left untouched.

If this movie goes as hard as it's looking like, I truly think huge doors will open for Sony. Imagine if you will, rather than a shared universe, the first ever film multiverse. Spider-Man 2099 done as a Blade Runner 2049 hardcore sci-fi, a black & white detective mystery for Spider-Man Noir (Yes Nicolas Cage is amazing in this DUH!), a Sam Raimi Spider-Man 4, then every few years some dimensional fuckery throws them all together with Tom Hardy's Venom.

The animation here is original, and gorgeous. There's a kind of blurry no glasses 3D effect but it's done to mimic comic book printing imperfections, for most of you, it means those little dots old comics have. But it keeps things fresh in other ways too, the dimensional effects are incredibly weird and would melt my head if I still did drugs. There's no real set visual aesthetic and it changes itself up frequently, so rather than say it's a animated comic book, it's more an animated series of comic books with different artists and colourists.

Miles Morales is done so well here, I never read any of the Ultimate stuff, and I'm not too big on Bendis, but he's the Donny to Peter Parker's Rocky here and it works. I could watch just those two interacting for 90 minutes and be totally satisfied. But on the same token, I feel like for a part 1 they went a little too small here, so it'll be great to see them open up. In the meantime though, Spider-verse does everything you want and more.

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