Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

I caught the 3D re-release in the cinemas, mouth agape the entire time. This movie has not only lost none of it's power, but it absolutely needs to be experienced on a big screen.

This is the first time I'd seen the theatrical cut in what must've been more than 20 years, which besides making me feel old, astounds me how iconic the scenes of Sarah and John resetting the Terminator's CPU and deciding whether or not to smash his chip as well as the Terminators cheesy, forced smile outside the truck stop and Michael Biehn's "cameo" as Kyle Reese have become over the years. It's just mind boggling to think how this legendary stuff was on the cutting room floor.

Arnold is Godly (Which I may as well put in every film of his I log here) but it's Linda Hamilton that really owns the show. She's this tiny ball of rage and steel intensity. Made all the more believable by how natural Linda Hamilton looks, she's a very beautiful woman, but she's not Hollywood perfect, you absolutely believe this was an everyday woman who turned into Rambo. Really casting the human-chipmunk hybrid Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor was almost an insult to this performance.

So yeah, this movie still rocks, the stunt work is as amazing as anything seen recently in Mad Max or John Wick. You can laugh and meme Arnold all you want but the man gets his hands bloody. I know a lot of people forgave the PG-13 rating of later entries, saying that this movie wasn't that violent, but those people need to watch this again. Yes, it really does feel toned down for wider appeal compared to the first. We don't get many displays of the T-1000's skills, but what we do is absolutely grotesque and of course there's the scene where Arnold flays his own goddamn arm. I'm not going to lie, the idea of Tim Miller and James Cameron's 6th Terminator film being a a Logan/Unforgiven style film for old man Arnold excites the absolute hell out of me, so it absolutely better be rated R.

As for the whole 3D aspect, thankfully my eyes managed to adjust and the 3D sensation buggered off real quick. But why didn't you do a 70mm screening instead Cameron you dolt?

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