The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★½

I never expected David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin to be such an excellent mesh but yes, yes they where. This might be the film that serves as a warning shot for the decade that followed it's release. It manages to make the rise of Mark Zuckerberg, incel king, far more interesting than it likely actually was. It was kind of ironically considered a super villain origin film when it hit, which freakishly became more of a truism over time.

Fincher directs the hell out of this, it's a lot more hyperkinetic than his more deliberately paced other films, he certainly knows how to keep pace with Sorkins mile a minute dialogue. Jesse Eissenberg is absolutely brilliant as Zuck, relentless, cold and condescending, it's something of a modern Citizen Kane and he's spectacular at making such a heinous individual compulsive to watch. Andrew Garfield does a great job making Eduardo Saverin sympathetic, even if I don't believe for a moment the real is.

I mostly really like, don't love the film. I've never been a worshipper of Aaron Sorkin's hyperstylised writing, and really the subject matter isn't all that interesting for me, I'm barely arsed to use Facebook myself and it's more because the missus does. It's something of an incomplete story, Facebook is no longer remotely what this movie posited Zuckerberg was trying to achieve with it and Zuck is now probably going to be one of the the first people strung up by the working class in the next revolution. Now that'll probably be a more interesting story for me.

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