Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★½

Wow holy shit. Guy Ritchie set about making Michael Mann’s Reservoir Dogs with heavy shades of a Clint Eastwood western, which is strangely apt given the casting. It turns out when you make a Guy Ritchie film and strip out the humour and amp up the violence and intensity you get something more akin to a horror movie. 

There’s something terrifying about Statham in this, in some scenes he’s almost a terminator, or a slasher villain, he’s been stripped of all humanity and he’s got this empty far away look. But despite the marketing Statham is more of a plot device for whats a pretty fucking great “that guy” ensemble cast in a multi POV film and everyone is good. There’s three factions for lack of a better term and they’re all pretty stacked casting wise, as well as a surprise cameo from someone who deserves better than the shlock they’ve been doing lately. Ritchie does something amazing in evoking both Scott Eastwood’s resemblance to Clint *and* the fact he’s one of the most hateable human beings on this planet. Him and Statham get a few Leone style close up stare downs and it feels the closest we’d ever get to Statham vs Clint but it’s also subverted when they have one where Statham looks like fucking Michael Myers. 

Some guy named Christopher Benstead does the score but really it’s a flat out copy of the Hildiur Joker score that just makes what’s already an unnerving film haunting as fuck.

Despite Ritchie employing his usual narrative trickery, it’s probably his most stripped no frills down movie. The level of intensity especially makes the movie really stand out in Ritchie’s overall filmography.

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