Midsommar ★★★★★

Director's Cut

I've been out of the loop and unmotivated to do pretty much anything that doesn't involve wanking or listening to Blur albums on repeat.

I feel like Uni has turned a passion of mine into a chore and my activity on here has slowly been declining. Not a terribly sympathetic story I know, but it's an interest I've felt fading away for some time now.

Watching Midsommar yet again is a reminder of what a film can be, what it can do and what the reward of investment, creative integrity and painstakingly tedious research and perfectionism looks like. I showed it to my mum and my sister and seeing them paralysed, begrudgingly staring at the events that unfolded was a stark reminder and slap in the face for me. This is what it's for, this is how effective and important film as a medium is and I feel so reinvigorated do everything I've been putting off.

Who knew scarring your family is all you had to do to be happy.

On a side note I do think the director's cut is better and it really forefronts the break up tragedy of the film while using the horror as a vehicle, where as the theatrical feels more like the inverse of that. However I love both and have no qualms with either. Director's is more fleshed out and character driven while the theatrical is a more ambient experience where you float along from set piece to conflict to action seemingly yet almost at random. I just love Midsommar and there's no way I wouldn't want to see this film. Mr Aster I love you, you dodgy weirdo bastard.

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