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  • The Inbetweeners Movie

    The Inbetweeners Movie


    I suppose I was predestined to dislike this film.

    I've never seen the TV series. I actively avoid watching films based on current British TV comedies. There are no well known cinema actors and I'm just a tad over the target age group!

    The only problem with my predisposed adverse feelings was that the film was very well scripted and damn funny in places!

    Some elements misfire but my unfamiliarity with characters in no way detracted from my enjoyment and…

  • Coco



    For those who remember Luis de Funès, the over the top style adopted by Gad Elmaleh will feel very familiar, with the actor/director playing a hugely successful businessman determined to produce a spectacular Bar Mitzvah for his soon with over 4000 guests. His wife is less than enthralled.

    The film itself is sporadically amusing with a good supporting cast but Almaleh has been better used when directed by others.

    Not all the story strands are tied up at the end however and Ari Abbitan as usual never loses an opportunity to overact

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  • Enemy of the State

    Enemy of the State


    This has always been one of my favourite Tony Scott films - a relentlessly pacy thriller (in the lawyer in trouble genre, which always appeals to me).

    What I find so surprising is that almost 20 years since it was filmed, the satellite tracking technology displayed here still seems bang up to date as demonstrated in last year's excellent Eye in the Sky.

    Will Smith is well cast as the hotshot attorney unwittingly caught up in a ruthless politician's cover…

  • The Book of Love

    The Book of Love


    This had all the ingredients for a fine little indie including a splendid non-comic performance from Jason Sudeikis as a rather unadventurous architect whose wildchild and heavily pregnant wife, Jessica Biel, is killed in a car accident in the first few minutes of the film but not before making him promise to befriend a teenage she's seen picking through their garbage (as you do!)

    Thus his life changes completely and become a lot less dull, unlike the film whose wildly…