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  • Fast Girls

    Fast Girls


    Fast girls is slow as well as dull and utterly predictable and barely attempts to avoid the standard sports film clichés of the underdog winning and rivalries that have fuelled the “drama” being resolved  before the closing credits and when will I see a sports film that is not wholly reliant on reaction shots of the supporting actors as the heroes/heroines score/miss/win or lose? 

    Timed to open shortly before the London Olympics, this one is worse than average in almost…

  • In the Courtyard

    In the Courtyard


    Director Pierre Salvadori makes quirky little films - usually gentle comedies such as Priceless/Hors de prix and Beautiful lies/De vrai mensonges.

    This one is a bit more serious as it deals with mental breakdown in a very subtle way demonstrating that if you think that you’re losing your mind, then so are many of those around you.

    Catherine Deneuve deservedly won a Best Actress César nomination here but she is matched by the little known Gustave Kervern as a depressed…

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  • Dunkirk



    It’s difficult to say more than has already been said about Dunkirk which sadly I missed in its theatrical release.

    Nolan’s film is remarkable in so many many ways - the pulsing score, the nail biting tension throughout, the superb set designs and the stunning and unorthodox editing.

    The intensity throughout is almost at the level of the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan.

    However unlike most films where one gets to know the characters, in Dunkirk they’re more like…

  • Annihilation



    Personally I didn’t enjoy this anything like as much as Ex-Machina or indeed The Beach which Alex Garland wrote but did not of course direct. 

    However that is not to say that Annihilation is a bad film and both Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh were just fine.

    Leaving aside the elements of realism in regard to the scientific mumbo jumbo, I would anticipate that fans of the Alien series may appreciate this. I am not one of them!