Enemy of the State ★★★½

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This has always been one of my favourite Tony Scott films - a relentlessly pacy thriller (in the lawyer in trouble genre, which always appeals to me).

What I find so surprising is that almost 20 years since it was filmed, the satellite tracking technology displayed here still seems bang up to date as demonstrated in last year's excellent Eye in the Sky.

Will Smith is well cast as the hotshot attorney unwittingly caught up in a ruthless politician's cover up after arranging the murder of an unhelpful politician. Jon Voight is wonderfully menacing in the latter role (at times looking a little bit like a certain D. Trump - for once definitely a coincidence).with gene Hackman - entering the stage halfway though - giving another acting masterclass in an ambiguous supporting role.

The rest of the cast is a roster of rising talent and reliable veterans.

Undoubtedly one of the best thrillers of the 90s

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