Jackie Brown ★★★

Oops, I'm bound to in trouble again for not adoring a film so beloved by many on LB.

I first saw this years ago and was lukewarm towards it and my opinion hasn't changed much.

However there's as much to like as to dislike.  Robert Forster's understated turn was outstanding and I'll watch Bridget Fonda in anything. 

DeNiro in a supporting and subservient role is pretty good but I would have liked to see more of Michael Keaton and I wasn't that impressed by Pam Grier.

Samuel L. Jackson however seriously annoyed me with his idiotic hairstyle and limited command of English other than expletives.

However the main fault was with Tarantino - the golden boy who could do no wrong after the brilliant Pulp Fiction.  However that masterpiece had a magic script (which this sorely lacked) as well as a superb cast whereas Jackie Brown at a seemingly endless near three hour running time seemed to be treading water.

Perhaps a typical problem from a director after he has suddenly been crowned as an "auteur"

Had it been at least an hour shorter, this could have worked for me but it remains my least favourite Tarantino oeuvre.

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