Man on Fire ★★★½

I really miss Tony Scott. His work was consistently excellent- in my view more so than that of his brother and whilst this  is not quite up to the standard of his top work (True Romance and Enemy of the State), it's a pulsating, fast paced and very bloody thriller albeit after a very gentle start. 

The background of South American kidnappings is fascinating and the superb photography of the Mexican locations helps enormously.

Both Walken and Rourke are fine in supporting roles (as is the underrated Radha Mitchell) but the success of this film sits squarely on the shoulders of Denzel Washington, who starred in four of Scott's final five films and is on top form as the heavy drinking ex-CIA bodyguard hired to look after Dakota Fanning with whom he reluctantly forms a strong bond.  Aged under 10 at the time of filming, Scott coaxes a most appealing performance out of this young actress.

However the film drags a bit towards the end of its 146 minute running time (yes, seriously!) and I was less than convinced by its ending.

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