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  • Amanda



    I loved this weirdo deadpan comedy [TIFF reaction]


    “Every time I have online relationships, even with strangers, I feel there is something missing, but I don't really know why. Especially with Chatroulette, you feel very free. But these people stop existing in 10 minutes or two hours if you're lucky to meet someone you get on with, but you may never get to see them in person. It creates this kind of mono-portion. We're used to that, but of…

  • Babylon



    this is Chazelle's EYES WIDE SHUT


    "A bombastic epic as artistically ambitious as those made during the height of the silent era, writer/director Damien Chazelle's "Babylon" takes the audience on a visceral odyssey through the highest highs and lowest lows of late-1920s Hollywood, from orgiastic parties and chaotic film sets to personal triumphs and melancholic moments of utter despair. As the movie business transitions from silents to talkies, characters like aging matinee idol Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt), wannabe starlet…

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  • Poor Things

    Poor Things

    Don’t know yet what I’m going to rate this because I did enjoy it but idk how you do alllll of what this film does and never once show menstrual blood. It still so very much feels like a man’s idea of women’s sexuality and liberation. Still keeps women as objects despite so desperately wanting to show them as the “master of their own ship.” A real conundrum. 

    NYFF #5

  • May December

    May December


    Charles Melton rising from the ashes of Riverdale like a phoenix from the flames.

    NYFF #4

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  • Barbie



    Works when it's just a fun, weird, popcorn Summer adventure film. But, like Bros last year, it falters when it tries to be an Important Movie.

    There's a debate on whether it is a "feminist" movie from those who made it and those who've reviewed it and what I'll say on that is it does the bare minimum when it comes to “feminism” (I’m putting that in quotes because frankly it’s not really a feminist film) and "representation matters" style…

  • The Banshees of Inisherin

    The Banshees of Inisherin


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Jenny the donkey 💔