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  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    Enjoyable continuation of Groundhog Day's premise, but without the comic genius of the earlier film.

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    An occasionally great film with a disappointing ending, Elizabeth Moss, as usual, gives an amazing performance. The tension is high.

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  • The Overnighters

    The Overnighters


    -The Overnighters is the closest movie to my work that I've found. Calvary feels more emotionally resonant and Wendy and Lucy best expresses the lives of the people I serve, but I can't deny the connection between myself and Pastor Jay Reinke. Temperamentally, we couldn't be more different. He's a people-pleaser and I get a rush from conflict. He is concerned with what people think, and I'm more concerned with how people act. As a pastor, I chose to begin…

  • Advantageous



    A smart film of insight that I wish had better technical skill.

    A future in which technology has expanded, but social morality has shrunk. A new ability to transfer minds into fresh, new bodies has emerged... and it becomes necessary because women have become even more sexualized, with children openly being prostitutes and older women unable to retain their work because they lack the conventional beauty they once had.

    I love the way the film explores the personal aspects of…