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  • Wrongfully Accused

    Wrongfully Accused


    "Say yes by shooting yourself three times in the head."

    - "Don't do it Shaun. It's a trick"

    Leslie Nielsen steps out of a Diaper Service Truck, finds the hospital Limbs 'R' Us with a huge sign "Specialized in Limbs!" heads toward it, walks into a glass pane being carried around, sees a truck gets out a white coat and gets it on, walks towards the hospital again and again against a glass pane being carried around, then finally makes…

  • Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians


    Rich people seem crazily boring.

    Will steal the expression "I'm the rainbow sheep of the family." though.

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  • Punishment Park

    Punishment Park


    Wow. Like a lesson how reality is being constructed. You know this is all fake and still it makes me angry as hell.

  • Sammy Going South

    Sammy Going South


    Watching it now, questions about the medium film become quite urgent with this for me. How film conserves worlds, realities, that change and with it world views. How our positions work viewing (maybe even judging) different view from another time. How generations change and do not change at the same time, or how they try to give something of what they had thought important to the younger ones.

    ways of living, ways of thinking, ways of moving through the world: vanished. For better and for worse, but still vanished.