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  • Fly Me to the Moon

    Fly Me to the Moon


    Esther Figueroa's Fly Me to the Moon explores the global impact of bauxite mining and by extension other forms of environmental degradation that puts profit and development concerns above the concerns of people and nature. A substantial portion of the film centers on the impact of Jamaica's bauxite mining on local populations and on the global aluminum industry, but the film ranges across the planet engaging with communities in Suriname, India, the US, Canada and elsewhere. And it even takes…

  • Mauri



    Mauri, Merata Mita's feature debut, is the twenty ninth film I've watched this month for the March Around the World Film Challenge. Merata Mita was the first Māori woman to direct a feature film. I love the lighting, the landscapes, the way Mita works with bodies in the frame, the embrace of strong emotion, the wild weather, and the inclusion of Māori traditions. Streaming on Kanopy.

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  • Land



    Land, directed by and starring Robin Wright, is the 6th film I've watched this month for the March Around the World Film Challenge. I appreciated that Nevada Women's Film Festival and Focus Features offered me the opportunity to stream it.

    Watching the film during the global pandemic gave the experience an added dimension as I experienced a woman who chooses to step away from society and live in a rugged environment. So many people are struggling with the sense of…

  • Quo vadis, Aida?

    Quo vadis, Aida?


    Quo Vadis, Aida? directed by Jasmila Žbanić is among the most powerful war films I have ever seen. I have deeply appreciated Žbanić's earlier work, but this film takes her command of filmmaking to an even higher level. UN translator Aida, brilliantly played by Jasna Đuričić, struggles to save her family during the Srebrenica genocide of July 1995. The film has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best International Film category this year.

    Available: Athena Film Festival (March 20 - 27)
    and also available: watch.neonrated.com/film/quo-vadis-aida/