Aladdin ★★

I know it is somewhat unfair to compare this new interpretation to the original animation which became a disney classic, but it's hard not to when one version is so easily superior to the other one.
Aladdin 2019 is a mere cash grab with little to appreciate on its own, quite the contrary actually, it makes you question where these 180M budget exactly went to.
CGI which is largely dated already, sets which i don't buy to be real for a mere second, the original songs cranked up with autotune because noone (except for naomi scotts) can actually sing, characters being shells of their former selves (especially jafar), mena massoud overacting at places, probably to be closer to the original aladdin, sadly it simply doesn't work here, something guy ritchie also doesn't seem to understand, not everything can be done 1:1 if you go from animation to live action, you need to translate certain things between these mediums.

All of these things (and more, but i don't want to bore you even further) suck the magic out of this film, make it appear like the soulless box office hit guarantee it is.
To mention a thing or two i actually liked? Will smith as the genie is good, charismatic roles is what he should strife for. Naomi scott also tries, the expanded role of jasmine is a nice idea but not fully realized and the songs feel out of place even though i like it in a vacuum, as i said she is the only person here who is capable of singing.
That's pretty much it outside of general decent filmmaking, nice try disney, maybe the next one will be better!

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