Nobody ★★★★

Ilya Naishuller directs a Derek Kolstad script that I'm praying to some giant sky daddy that I don't believe in is somehow going to be tied into the John Wick films

First time I saw the brilliant Bob Odenkirk was in Tom Goes to the Mayor, then Tim and Eric before Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, nothing that would do less than raise a quizzical eyebrow at his casting in an action film. And while his comedy background and age may make him one of the least likely cinematic action heroes in recent times... his dead pan delivery and the superbly choreographed action sequences never feel less than believable for someone of his age and build. The physicality of the fights is really sold well, each punch lands with weight, each bone broken feels real... which is amazing considering how over the top everything is. A lot of this is sold by Pawel Pogorzelski's studied cinematography, and William Yeh's restrained edit allowing the action to breathe in frames that don't look like they're trying to hide the joins.

Throw in a awesomely scenery chewing Aleksey Serebryakov as the main antagonist and just a near perfect vintage soundtrack that runs the gamut from Nina Simone to Bunny Sigler and you've got a guaranteed good time...

Just pretty much the most fun I could ask for in a cinema.

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