Tenet ★★★½



This is not the first time I have come into conflict with Nolan's cinema, which I find brilliantly executed but very poorly scripted.

Is it a good film? I wouldn't like to call it a film at all, because Tenet is designed to be an experience more than anything else, but yes, it is an incredible film, although its ego is its biggest flaw; the assurance that it is the newest (maybe it is) and most amazing thing that exists, which you have to read and pay close attention to (not really, because Tenet is not as complex as Tenet thinks it is) if you want to understand everything that is about to happen. I think that's something that particularly bothered me, the fact that there was never any focus on telling the story or just letting it all flow properly, I just felt a constant pressure from this "ultimate experience".

I don't know. I didn't expect a lot, nor did I waste my time, as I said, it's a great film, however, once the credits started to roll I felt a huge void, a gigantic dissatisfaction that I can't pretend isn't there just because I watched some insane cinematography.

So, this is the most hollow film I've ever seen in my life. No humanity at all, no soul, just amazing shots.

What a fucking shame.

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