The Queen's Gambit

The Queen's Gambit ★★★★½


Limited series

I used to be obsessed about writing, really obsessed, like there was nothing else in the world for me but writing. I wanted to be the best writer, but I didn't pursue it, actually, like one character from this show, I discovered that I never wanted to become a writer, I just wanted to write some stories.

But this is a show about someone dealing with severe issues, who found a relief in chess, that very game I never understood but somehow admire. This is about finding your own motivations, about being yourself.

It was amazing, so emotional and important for me. I felt like one of those fans applauding Beth for being that good at chess, but more importantly, applauding her because she found out how to be really happy about herself, and believe me, it was satisfying even if it was for like for 20 minutes, worth it after all the shit she struggled.

One of the best shows I've watch this year. Go watch it, it's really good.

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