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  • Broken Down Film

    Broken Down Film

    Comedic editing in one of it's most unique and potent forms, "Broken Down Film" creates the world of a silent cartoon, where the actual physical condition and composition on the film becomes a physical element that forces actions on the characters. having watched many a crappy film version of things (my Grandpa still plays a lot of old films, both commercial and family, on his film projector, and most of the film is not in good shape), sometimes the cuts…

  • The Bead Game

    The Bead Game

    I don't know if this style of drawing and painting has a specific name (it's common in art from the late 70's to early 90's from what I've seen) but it's one of my favorite styles of art, with it's colors and forms that care more for what seems like a spiritual look at the physical features of objects. "The Bead Game" captures this wonderful style perfectly, detailing the evolution and fight for life on planet Earth, from nature to…

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  • 12 Years a Slave

    12 Years a Slave


    I'm glad that I'm finishing my Steve McQueen streak with possibly the best film made in the past five years. 12 Years a Slave not only tells the story of a free black man being captured and forced into slavery with complete sincerity and drama, but paints (almost ironically) one of the most beautiful cinematic portraits of the American South and the long, heart-breaking history of the region.

    Soloman Northrup is a talented black violinist living in New York where…

  • Hunger



    "They seek to work on the most basic of human emotions-pity..."

    Steve McQueen's film Hunger is one of meticulous drama. Every scene, from the beginning to end, uses such focus on the basics, the mundane, and forces these rather simple details and pushes them to their fullest dramatic potential. How does he do it? In their relation to the disturbing and appalling actions conducted on both sides of the conflict? Did he just find a fitting rhythm? I'm not sure,…