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  • The Widow
  • The Girl Raised as a Future Daughter-in-law
  • One-sided Love of Princess
  • My Daughter Rescued from the Swamp
  • Rub Love

Korean Film Nights At KCC 2021 - Filming Against the Odds: 5 Films, 4 Women Directors From Korea

5 films

Our new series of Korean Film Night screenings is devoted to the work of four of the small number of…

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Treeless Mountain
  • In the Heat of the Night
  • Mauvais Sang
  • Il Sorpasso
  • Eureka
  • Stalker
  • The Human Condition
  • Cléo from 5 to 7
  • Fanny and Alexander


100 films

My somewhat scattershot attempt at a favourites list. The films that have impacted me the most.

  • The Marines Who Never Returned
  • To the Last Day
  • North and South
  • The DMZ
  • Jiseul

Korean Film Nights at KCC 2020 - On the Front Line

8 films

‘On The Front Line’, the first KFN season for 2020 (March - June) will mark the seventieth anniversary of the…

  • Cinema Paradiso
  • Jason and the Argonauts
  • PlayTime
  • The Phantom Carriage
  • Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • A Girl at My Door
  • No Regret
  • The Hand of Destiny
  • A Blind Alley
  • Yellow Hair 2

Korean Film Nights at KCC - Love Without Boundaries

8 films

The second season, Love Without Boundaries (July - August), invites us to take an even deeper look into the Korean…

  • The World of Us
  • An Affair
  • The Room Nearby
  • Lies
  • Woman of Fire

Korean Film Nights at KCC - Home Truths

6 films

The first season for 2019, Home Truths (May - June), ventures into various on-screen Korean homes with a programme of…