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  • Nightcrawler



    Wow this was even better on my second watch. Nightcrawler is an absolutely gripping, dark and entertaining film from beginning to end. I absolutely adored this movie and I was so happy I went back and watched to cement my feelings on it because oh my god it is simply amazing. It’s crazy that this film never gets a lot of love because it truly is fantastic. Jake Gyllenhaal seriously gives the best performance of his career here. For being…

  • Heathers



    This was a great film that is filled with a lot of humour and darkness throughout. I really enjoyed this film for the most part, there were a couple of slow parts during the second act but overall it was dynamic. The storyline was pretty complex throughout, it was very risky back in the 80s to go for a teenage suicide storyline like this but it worked out very well in hindsight. Christian Slater absolutely stole the show as DC…

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  • Joker



    ➡️2019 RANKED⬅️

    I’ve been giving 5 star ratings out left and right recently (Wolf of Wall Street, Jaws, Shaun of the Dead) this is strange but I don’t care I’m having such a blast watching these incredible films as of late and Joker was no different.

    When Joker was first announced I was very hesitant like most people. I was worried about DC fucking it up and them ruining the mystery around the joker. However I couldn’t not be hyped…

  • Carrie



    So I recently watched this movie and I can see why this movie is known for being one of the greatest horror movies of all time. If you are a fan of horror movies go watch this as soon as possible because oh my god this film is such a roller coaster of emotions. This storyline in this movie was just fantastic in my opinion. From the beginning of the movie you are already starting to feel sad as all…