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  • Before the Fall

    Before the Fall


    Max Riemelt must be one of the most beautiful creatures I've seen appear on my TV screen. If I was there with him in that sadist nazist Hogwarts ,I would've had been the best roommate for him.

    I A L S O N E E D T O S T O P B E I N G A W H O R E

  • Pariah



    Someone should've gave me the script of this movie. I know some amazing people who would have made miraculous with the movie production.

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    *closes his laptop,jumps from the bed,goes to chase dreams while still in his Sesame Street pajamas*

  • Stalker



    I had a weird feeling of seeing fragments of this story in one of my dreams. Definitely ,one of my favorite movies of humans talking in front of the camera while surrounded by beautiful panoramas and colors.
    Visually stunning.
    Profound dialog.
    Philosophical treatment of the script.
    All the elements of a masterpiece.