Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

i actually am glad i can’t go out right now because i am positive i would get into a loud fight about this movie at a party and really harsh the vibe. a lot of people who, like me, did not like this movie are calling it hollow, which i think is true. most crucially it lacks a true point of view other than “men? bad. but the cops will take care of it if you have an elaborate plan in place ;)” 

i’m thinking a lot about the ending, and how it very obviously thinks it’s making some big important statement about violence against women and also revenge. the thing is does she really get revenge? she’s dead. in sticking to “realism” we don’t get to see her kill, or even maim,  every dude who tries to assault her (which actually would have been cool and fun), but then the biggest punch at the end gets pulled. i think the most realistic way this movie ends is if they get away with it. because that’s what really happens here, that Guy keeps getting away with it and marries his model bride and probably does some horrible things to her down the line. 

but not only did the ending make me feel nothing! so did the rest of it, save for the stars are blind sequence which made me want to see bo burnham in a romcom. 

i am very tired of “badass women” culture, and this feels peak that. i don’t feel invigorated by this story of a woman who spooks dudes (which!! obviously nothing happens from this! she becomes some “crazy girl” to tell stories about with the boys!!!) and it winds up getting her killed. and is she really a badass woman™️ if she goes out of her way to convince another woman she’s been raped??? i actually... am getting mad again and need to log off 

but one LAST thing: she’s really named cassandra??? calm down aeschylus!!!