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  • Winchester




    Really these guys made Predestination??

    Well you win some, you lose some. This was a lose.

  • The Lodgers

    The Lodgers


    Damn, and I thought my brother was a demanding little asshole (JK I love the little motherfucker)

    This was a pretty boring movie and honestly pretty stupid towards the end but Bill Milner was actually not half bad.

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  • Mute



    Maaaaan, why you gotta drag poor Sam Bell into this big disappointment. (And for like 10 seconds, lame)

    I had been looking forward to this movie for over a year. So you can imagine my immense disappointment when this turned out to be a very dull, overly sexualized and honestly ridiculous movie.

    Alexander Skarsgard is good physically in this role, but his character is just so uninteresting it’s hard I get behind him. Justin Theroux is okay, but he’s character…

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Black Panther takes place on Wakanda, the land where T’Challa’s (AKA the Black Panther) rules now after the death of his father, but when the throne is challenged by a man known as Killmonger, the Panther must fight to protect his people.

    Now I was a big fan of Black Panther when he was introduced in Civil War, and once again Chadwick Boseman is great as T’Challa, not only is he great in the action scenes, but he is also…