Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★★

boy oh boy, this film was such a precious gift, especially after the pain of Endgame.

Tom Holland does it again: in his unique, raw, honest acting he manages to make me laugh and smile effortlessly from one second to another. I do love the original Spider-Man trilogy and Andrew Garfield did his portrayal of Peter Parker very well too but I'd be lying if I said Tom's Peter hadn't snatched my heart.

In this sequel, Zendaya's MJ has a lot more focus and it upgrades the quality of the film, her sarcastic, awkward, full-of-dark-humour portrayal of a teenage girl is THE most relatable I have seen and, of course, her relationship with Peter is adorable and their chemistry off-the-charts.

Michael Giacchino absolutely killed it with the soundtrack, I don't know how this man does it but he continues to outdo himself and I am going to sue him for the emotional damage caused by this OST.

I can't say much else without going into details of the film and I'd rather keep the review spoiler free but the plot, action and storyline all flowed very smoothly and this was honestly a DELIGHT to watch. Sure, I cried A LOT for Avengers: Endgame related reasons, but, I mean, how could one not when Tom Holland acts like THAT?

Overall, a very fun, entertaining film full of heart that I cannot wait to rewatch, exactly what we all needed after Endgame. Thank you MCU for continuing to make me feel light and happy (and also cry lbr) for two hours.

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