Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★½

People come to the Oasis for all the things they can do, but they stay for all the things they can be.

This is my first viewing of this on a screen that wasn't my phone, but an actual TV since I saw it in theaters the second time back in 2018. And I think that is part of the reason I'm rating this so highly, because it is extraordinary on a big screen. The effects, the action, the pure size of everything is done so much justice this was. On top of the story and characters I already enjoyed, and the alterations to the book that were much needed, that is.
I get that it does fail as an adaptation, and even though the references can feel rather empty due to their repetition, I find there to be so much more to at least appreciate, even enjoy here. It's a guilty pleasure, but it's something I can always count on finding some joy in.

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