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  • Certain Women

    Certain Women



    A story about ordinary people observed with an empathetic gaze, Certain Women makes the smallest moments seem monumental. A missed connection, a brief act of compassion, an awkward silence or banal conversation; it's a film defined by Reichardt's patience. Each of the three stories move along at a slow pace, meticulously leading viewers to complex emotional scenarios largely dealing with loneliness and uncertainty; ultimately boiling down to a search for something they can't quite define. It's tremendously moving and…

  • Shivers




    Cronenberg's first monster, a nasty little slug that turns the residents of an apartment building into sex fiends, is at the center of Shivers, a casual slight at the elite of the 70's with a disturbing yellowish, washed out aesthetic. It feels like an "early" film, Cronenberg's craft here is very unpolished and messy, often times indulging a tad too long in "shock" moments. There's lots of gratuitous nudity here, and basically every female character here is included just…

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  • Arrival



    In light of recent events, I'm reminded of Fermi's paradox. A cynical and unsettling notion which suggests the reason we've never been contacted by extraterrestrial intelligent life is that the no civilization has survived long enough to innovate to that level. Or, in simpler terms, that the fundamental nature of intelligent life is to ultimately destroy itself. As tech and sciences progress further and further, what matters is how we allocate that technology; what leaders we elect to control it…

  • Star Trek Beyond

    Star Trek Beyond


    As a lifelong disciple of Gene Roddenberry's creative vision of the future, Star Trek: The Original Series, I always judge these recent films heavily on their ability to capture that fundamental spirit of optimism Roddenberry had so essentially cultivated. A vision of a hopeful and beautiful future, where diplomacy, wonder and exploration are the priorities of a united humanity, peacefully coexisting in order to conquer the final frontier. His creation was so absurdly progressive, confidently casting a strong black woman…