For Love of the Game

I swear, Sam Raimi must have had a gun to his head to put his name on this. It carries none of the traditional Raimi motifs (aside from the snap-zooms), has none of the vigor or vitality of his body of work, and feels sentimental to a fault. It feels like a Hallmark movie in it's entirety, separated only by decent baseball sequences and a big name like Kevin Costner. The romance was terrible, ill conceived and terribly written. The musical cues were abysmal, almost humorous in how ill-fitting they were to the scene they partnered. It's pointless for me to go on, this is undoubtedly a low-point for Raimi's career, and really forces me to appreciate his more off the wall material even more. For Raimi completionists (like myself) only. Spend that two hours and seventeen minutes with your wife or husband, kids, friends...even your dog. Just spend it elsewhere.

And the Raimi marathon rolls on

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