Get Out ★★★★½

Sharp, intelligent satire seamlessly woven into a hilarious and scary surface narrative; Get Out is something of a miracle. Peele's insights on contemporary race relations are eerily realistic, perfectly presented even as the stakes inevitably escalate to absurdism. His tweaking of racial stereotypes and perceptions are done with a sort of "been there, done that" attitude, and that's important. Peele's debut fulfills what is arguably the most valuable function of horror; that being it's ability to embrace the hideous, disdainful parts of society and have a sort of deranged laugh at it; sort of like taking a scalpel to the dark corners of our world. It should be brave, prescient and challenging; three things Get Out is proudly defined by. Probably the best joke in here is the brilliant subversion of the "black guy dies first" trope, and Chris survives just because of that. He knows he's at risk from day one. Here's to Jordan Peele's probable emergence as a vital, creative voice for years to come!

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