Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★

Wholly inoffensive I think, and it's unfortunate to see the critical community predictably focus more on arbitrary controversies rather than actually pay attention to the distinct choices made here. Ghost in the Shell isn't bad by any means, just a vapid, less compelling, watered down version of the near-perfect original. ScarJo is really at home in a role like this, she was quite good as the cyborg and the supporting cast surrounding her shined as well. Additionally, the visuals were pretty astounding, intentionally rendered to be somewhat empty and if that was what they were going for; it was a bold decision that paid off. Ghost in the Shell isn't supposed to be a warm, pleasant viewing experience; it's a story about artifice overcoming humanity. It's supposed to be unsettling. I really think this film excels in most respects, unfortunately stumbling only from a narrative standpoint.

They basically expand the story to little effect; watering down the potency of the tight, eighty minute original with unnecessary exposition, pointless emotional stakes and a few added characters that really don't contribute much. It's tough, because I did enjoy this. I love scifi, the baseline ideas of Ghost in the Shell are very intriguing, but I can't help but feel like this movie does SO little with the philosophical potency of this property. It's an enjoyable scifi flick, but it really ought to be so much more than that. I need to see it again because I got very drunk after seeing it Saturday night but this is certainly a disappointment, despite being a quality movie.

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