Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

There's something special about this movie, but I'm not quite sure what it is. It's one of those movies whose greatness eludes me, existing somewhere outside of the traditional spectrum of cinematic quality. Is it the direction? Gritty, singular, gripping, somehow both beautiful and ugly at the same time, wildly stylized but based in realism simultaneously. It's unique, both composed and chaotic at the same time. Or maybe it's Pattinson, who gives a remarkable performance. Nailing the accent, the urgency and the mannerisms of the world he inhabits, Pattinson is the perfect chameleon. The score is certainly unique, at least. Haven't heard much like it in my years of watching movies, something of a cross between the cool synths of a Refn film and the chaotic rhythms of Goblin's Suspiria score. It's odd, but completely fitting in the chaos and sort of alien world we're thrust into. Best of the year without a doubt. The story is great too, relatively barebones and straightforward but also deceptively meaningful and challenging. It's tough to grapple with, these people are abhorrent human beings in most every way and their lack of compassion towards most is startling, but there's something else in there too. Something that stirs a shred of empathy in the audience, a really nicely walked tightrope of emotions and character development. Again, I'm not really sure what's great about Good Time. It's spectacularly crafted in most every way, but there's something more. Something primal to it, straddling some weird line between being a good dream and a nightmare. An all-night odyssey for the ages.

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