Other People ★★★½

Suffers from it's inability (or lack of desire) to break from those cancerous indie trappings, but makes up for it's conventionality with real bits of emotional release. We follow a family stricken with fear, with an inability to communicate as they prep for their mother/wife's early death due to cancer. As the story normally goes, the elevation of stakes due to this untimely passing allows for moments of catharsis within the family. Whether it be coming to terms with a failing career, grappling with your image within a familial context or reckoning with the fact that your father cannot accept your homosexuality; this family is offered another chance in the wake of a horrible event. It sounds cliched (and much of it is), but there are some truly inspired decisions made here. The suppression of anger and sadness feels real, very relatable in an unsettling way. The moments of agonizing awkwardness and homely warmth soar; delivered meaningfully by a talented cast and a mostly impressive script. There are some hiccups, like the aforementioned conformity to so many cliches, and some cringe-worthy dialogue; but Other People mostly rings true.

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