Southside with You

Southside with You ★★★½

I'd be hard-pressed to find someone who actively disliked this sweet and slight film depicting Michelle and Barack's first date, before they cemented their legacies within American history (Obama '16!). It plays very much like the Before trilogy but with a significantly less well-written script; still managing to find a delicate flow and rhythm despite some clunky bits of dialogue. The key difference is that Southside With You has a subtle agenda; to paint a portrait of these people that may hint at the great things to come. It's not perfect or powerful, but it's really what we need in this circus of an election; a gentle reminder that (usually) behind these political titans is a human being. A human being who came from more humble beginnings, with a idealist agenda and a fundamental desire to make a difference. I don't blame anyone for hating modern politics, it's a shitshow. But buy a ticket for Southside With You, and remind yourself that there is hope after all.

*my rating doesn't reflect how much I enjoyed this, please see this*

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