Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★

The first thirty minutes of this are pretty good, when we get a glimpse into MCU Peter's life detached from the central plot. His little home video is adorable, the montage depicting his life in highschool, his little interaction with the corner food place in NYC...nice little touches building a new, modernized Peter Parker. Additionally, the "universe integration" is nice in this, kind of a little guy's perspective on the insane happenings in the other MCU films. The Captain America educational videos, the teacher discussing the Sokovia accords, the basis for Vulture's vendetta against the powerful and irreverent upper class...I like it. But the "big" set pieces still underwhelm, and the altercations to Spiderman's "lore" bum me out. The action is poorly shot and staged, and the development stemming from those big narrative moments felt false. Additionally, I hate how the MCU's Aunt May has been reduced to "lol she's hot", because really she's representative of Peter's whole family in this, an integral piece of Peter's foundations as a hero and as a person. It's a fun enough film, it just feels uniformly shallow, really devoid of the core elements of the infamous webslinger that have cemented him as a major cultural influence. There's no depth, very little sincerity and even less heart. Just lots of ornamental additions that ultimately lose sight of what makes a great superhero film; honesty.

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