The Caine Mutiny ★★★★

Doesn't quite reveal it's layered wisdom until the final ten minutes, but oh boy is that reveal sweet. The Caine Mutiny, as it's title suggests, depicts three naval officers and their increasingly paranoid captain, and follows their eventual decision to, predictably, perform a mutiny. I really, really want to spoil the ending, which is ingeniously subversive and places the entire film under a completely different lens....but I won't. It's an absolute treat, and really makes you think about the movie differently. And to get you to that end? A nice cast featuring the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Fred MacMurray and Van Johnson. The protagonist, admittedly, is a bit of a wet blanket (including his romance and weird character arc), but the rest of this is so charming. Budget wartime effects, an obsession with naval life and some really nice plotting and character development, particular with the captain under question. The Caine Mutiny isn't impeccable in the slightest, but some fantastically fun performances and a brilliant ending more than make this worth seeking out to watch.

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