The Matrix ★★★★★

Revolutionary, intelligent, kinetic and the epitome of cyberpunk; The Matrix is a landmark film; seamlessly blending high-concept philosophy and intoxicating direction to great effect. Many malign the supposedly "sophomoric" philosophy it builds itself on because since The Matrix's release these ideas have been pounded into the ground. So commonly referenced in pop-culture, copied, parodied and drawn from that it's tough to remember that for it's time, and as an original concept, The Matrix is groundbreaking. Amid all the fuss about reality vs illusion and free will vs determinism; it's a film about liberation. About emerging from whatever societal construct is restraining you; and becoming aware of the strings pulling the world around you.The Wachowski's deftly blend eastern philosophy with basic Carroll storytelling; with an underlying sort of ancient mysticism lining it all.

But there's no getting around just how visionary this is. If anyone else brought this story to the screen, it would not work. The Wachowskis are a different kind of auteur; some of the few directors that strive to grab their audiences by the eyeballs but also the brain; giving a well-rounded sensory experience unlike any other. The Matrix in a succinct, neat little sentence, is a sci-fi story that identifies human imagination as the saving force in the universe. It's that rare treasure of a film that is both brainy and beautiful; offering thrills of every kind. Arriving almost in fateful fashion; The Matrix was thrust into the public conscious at the twilight of an concluding millennium, and soon became known as the most influential action/scifi film of all time since perhaps Lucas' Star Wars. There's no underestimating how much of an achievement this is. The Matrix is one of the greats!

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