The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★★

"Dad, there are whores here and stuff.

"Don't say 'and stuff'. Just say 'Dad, there are whores here.'"

Confession time!

I slept on this. I'm not sure if it just came around at the wrong time, I had a bad day or I'm just an idiot; but The Nice Guys hardly left an impression first time around.

Cue round two. The cruise ship I'm currently sailing on had this showing in their movie theater (!), so I hauled myself out of the buffets and found my way to the cinema. Just me and one other passenger in the room, we had a blast. The Nice Guys is riotously funny, a breeze of a film with an airtight script and a tremendous trio of performers at it's center. It's one of those rare comedies where it's clear the artists behind it had a complete handle on the project, no aspect left behind in production. The comedy serves the narrative, the performers serve the comedy, and the script serves the performers. Everything falls into place and feels just perfect.

It's one of those movies that'll slide easily into that pantheon of great comedies. Not necessarily the best, the ones with the most cinematic ambition, merit or craft. But like Step Brothers, Groundhog Day, Inherent Vice or Boogie Nights; it's a comfort just knowing it's out there, knowing I could just pop it in the player and laugh away a couple of hours.

Anyways, so yeah. The Nice Guys is quite good.

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