The Witch

The Witch ★★★★★

The Witch transports you to a time when god and satan were considered a part of everyday life, all around you no matter where you go. At dinner, amidst conversations and with you while you're sleeping- they are tangible presences that necessitate consideration always. Eggers debut feature is unnervingly confident, provoking disturbing ideas about our relationship to spirituality, and it builds in a truly inevitable and horrific way. It's conveyed in a way that ultimately suggests that our perceived relationship with the divine could be more powerful than the deity itself, operating as a guise for sanity or some sort of perceived normality. The Witch works on so many levels, dense and profoundly disturbing for it's entirety. This is what horror is best suited for in my mind, to reflect a piece of my own life, however remote, to what I am seeing onscreen. Unflinchingly sincere and utterly depraved, The Witch is a mesmerizing and poignant horror film for the ages.

Seeing this again tomorrow night.

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