Trumbo ★★½

Trumbo's sharp and witty pacing is it's failing, as the script seems more bent on establishing how good Trumbo was with words and his incredible knack for wordplay rather than develop any sort of man beneath. As a whole, the film left me disconnected and uncaring, appreciating the film as a comedy rather than the smart drama it was trying to be. The fact that Cranston is garnering Oscar buzz for Trumbo is astounding, because I felt his portrayal of the title character was as one dimensional as they come. While he excelled at depicting that one facet of Trumbo's personality, there was no depth to be found beneath it.

Fleeting and insincere to a fault, Trumbo fails to cultivate a compelling narrative, and reduces it's title character to little more than entertaining witticisms and the occasional impassioned sermon on the virtues of his beliefs.

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