Victoria ★★★★½

With films like Victoria, it's easy to write them off a simple vehicle for a certain gimmick. The film is one shot for two hours, unbroken and smoothly executed. Some may notice the flaws and slips that occur occasionally within the two hour runtime, but personally, I feel the imperfection of it went hand in hand with the purpose of using only one shot.

Victoria relies on absolute immersion, into both the situations presented and the tension that follows. The performances considering the circumstances are remarkable, and the camera work even more so. It's a story about innocence, and how very easy it is to lose it. This is a story that has been done dozens of times before, but never in this way. This "gimmick" is in no way a crutch for a weak narrative, but rather an integral part of the story being told. This is an achievement in film making and an effective film even without the fact that it is one single shot. I was floored come the end of the film, by how much we have seen these characters evolve over two hours and how natural it really seemed. You may say the decisions made were nonsensical and rash, but how would you react if presented with the same situation?

I loved this film, mostly because I have never seen anything like it before. This review is pretty bad, an inevitability when writing on a phone, but it pains me to see this movie written off as a gimmick by a large portion of the film community. Give it a shot.

*on a side note, I watched it without subtitles. I'm not sure if it was supposed to have any, but avoid them if possible. It really allowed me to step into Victoria's shoes and experience the shit storm along with her.

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