Best of Enemies ★★

A formatted film that may have some educational value about the history of American politics and television. The problem is that it certainly is not a film about a battle of ideas between two thinkers. If you want to be intellectually stimulated, look elsewhere. It is a historical film about the rise of entertainment politics with egotistical clashes that would make some audiences rejoice in today's world (albeit disguised behind much more elitism). In that sense it is a valuable testimony of a time.
But I am left puzzled by the real intent of the filmmakers as I find the "moral" of the story being somewhat contradictory to its content. We are told that political debates on television are now meaningless and used to have substance in the past...But is this particular example the best to demonstrate this theory? The whole film concentrates on the built up of two huge egos who are gearing up towards finding the best tactics to win over one another (but avoiding the intellectual conversation - or at least they are not developed and shown in this film at all - and that's perhaps its main problem). Perhaps it gives a psychological insight into what fame and politics do to the egos of prominent elitist intellectuals constantly looking for confirmation, but I may not sure I needed this film to learn this.