The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★½

The works of Martin Scorsese have always been, I'm sad to say, a bit of a blind spot for me thus far but this is something I really hope to rectify soon, starting with his most recent film. For me, The Irishman turned out to be a fascinating but flawed movie that is hugely impressive both in its scope and ambition resulting in a genuinely powerful journey that got better as it went along. For such a long film, it definitely drags a bit near the beginning but the ending, especially in its last half hour or so, really gives the entire movie a sort of finality and purpose that I believe makes it necessary.

I can't exactly say that this completely justifies the three-and-a-half-hour runtime, but I was never not invested or ever bored throughout either. Scorsese has crafted such a thoroughly engrossing narrative with a terrific payoff that I really loved the direction the film takes with its story and themes, with its exploration of time, memory, and self-destruction giving it a weight that just gets better and better the deeper we get into it. The Irishman is also bolstered, of course, by a wonderful cast that's perfect in nearly every role, with Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino playing their parts splendidly. Every other department is also practically flawless in terms of its production, but this really is Scorsese's movie in the end and he definitely delivers with a superb film that shows all the signs of his experience and talent. I'd have to watch more of his work before I can fully see how this stacks amongst his other films but for now, I can safely say that The Irishman is a truly wonderful crime epic that I thoroughly loved.

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