Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★

My review of Palm Springs would’ve cleared up that I really love the “time-loop” formula. I thought it was only fit to check out the original after speaking so highly of the 2020 iteration. All things said, Groundhog Day is a good film with an ingenious premise and a heartfelt message. A comparison is almost inevitable so here we go: I think that Palm Springs makes the time loop concept work better. See, with the original there is no contextual information about why the time loop happened or ended. But that’s not a huge problem because it works better as a way of progressing Phil’s arc (ie. taking him from a narcissist to someone that actually cares about people - due to his endless existence in a repeating world). I preferred that there was a reason why the time loop happened - even if it’s utterly ridiculous - but it offers a bit more insight. Still, this is not a bad film by any stretch and Bill Murray’s delightful central performance is wonderful to watch.

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