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  • The Big Lebowski

    The Big Lebowski


    Please, somebody tell me I’m not an entitled ass for flipping my shit every time another Tik Tok dwelling incel says this is their favourite movie.

  • Onibaba



    When I said a short break I meant it.
    I'm getting off my ass and having a good time with this temporary freedom..

    I watch this film every time I feel down.
    It sounds strange but this film just hits me right in the limbic system.
    It gets my body going, it makes me all giddy, just the marvel of it.
    A horrific treat, through and through, one of the scariest films you’ll ever lay your eyes upon.

    A perfect film to get me i the right headspace at the current..

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  • Laggies



    .. R.I.P Lynn Shelton..

    2020, you suck, you are terrible.. Burn.

    This film, although not perfect, means a fair deal for me, I saw it in theatres, it introduced me to the concept that is Sam Rockwell, and became a surprisingly prominent comfort movie for myself, a kickback and relax Sunday screening type..

    I am fucking heartbroken.
    Rest Easy Lynn.

  • A Florida Melancholy

    A Florida Melancholy


    This can't be
    This is the saddest few months I've ever had to bare through.

    I will be taking a short break from letterboxd, I need to proccess this joke of a year so far. Thiscan't be happeningI think I'm gonna vomit. I don't have the power to fiully proccess this right now.

    I've had a few conversation with Eli before and although it may not've been much it meant the world to me he was totally one of my letterboxd idols i can't believe this.

    Create heaven for eli. I wan't to believe so bad. oh my god, jesius christ.