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  • Eve's Bayou

    Eve's Bayou

    HoopTober7.0 #31

    “Eve’s Bayou” was Roger Ebert’s #1 movie of 1997, and yet as a self-diagnosed Ebert fanatic, this movie was completely unknown to me until I co-hosted a library screening of “Horror Noire”, a great documentary about black horror.

    Set deep in the southern gothic landscape of Louisiana in 1962, “Eve’s Bayou” explores the secrets of the Batiste family. Descended from a freed slave, the family now sits atop the social ladder in their district. But they are haunted…

  • Rabid


    HoopTober7.0 #30

    Review by Sara White

    Rabid BEGINS with a random happenstance. Two lovers ride a motorcycle out into the country, gleefully speeding through rolling hills. A family on a road trip argues in their RV -- they're going the wrong way and have to turn around. A plastic surgery patient passes the healing time in their medical facility gazing out into their surroundings with binoculars. Motorcycle runs into RV, patient sees accident, and an ambulance from the plastic surgery…

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  • Carrie


    HoopTober6.0 #31 of 31

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    “Carrie” has not lost an ounce of its power since it was released over 43 years ago. If anything, its stature has only grown. If you’ve never seen it, or it’s been awhile, you owe it to yourself to check it out. It’s one of the best movies ever made.

    There are several monsters lurking around Carrie White. There’s Chris, the alpha among the girls in her school,…

  • Night of the Devils

    Night of the Devils

    HoopTober6.0 #1 of 33

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    The Italian horror movies of the 60s/70s/80s continue to be a bit of a blind spot for me—I’ve always kept them at arms-length, perhaps due to being scarred by Fulci’s “The Beyond”, a classic in the minds of many horror movie fans, but to me, one of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen. I always make a point of leaving my phone in another room when watching…