HoopTober Ocho 1/31

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HoopTober can feel like a marathon, so it’s certainly energizing to get off to a great start. Housebound is one of those horror movies that makes you crave more horror movies. Horror comedies (or as a colleague likes to call them, “ho-coms”) might be the most difficult variety of horror movie to pull off. Unless you balance the tone just right and pitch the performances properly, the attempts at humor almost always undermine the scares. Housebound hits just the right note, maintaining a spectral sense of unease, punctuated by a handful of expert scares. It’s also funny as hell, much of the humor coming from clever subversions of audience expectations.

The premise is a riff on Hitchcock’s Rear Window: our delinquent protagonist is confined to house arrest at their childhood home, which has a history that will no longer be ignored. What seems at first to be a fairly rote haunted house movie evolves into something else entirely. This is a great movie to watch with others, feeding off each other’s surprise and unexpected laughter. It’s a great horror flick for ghost story fans, as well as those who prefer to avoid excessive violence and gore.

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